La guerre des clans, hors-série, tome 10

de Erin Hunter (2017)




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Only a strong sun casts a strong shadow.

The forest is free of the cruel rogue Darktail and his followers—but ShadowClan has nearly been torn apart, and its remaining warriors no longer trust in Rowanstar’s leadership. Tigerheart, ShadowClan’s deputy, is determined to help rebuild his Clan, but he fears his efforts are only dividing them further.

The few rays of light are the stolen moments he spends with the ThunderClan warrior Dovewing. But a crossroads is approaching for both of them. And when ShadowClan’s medicine cat has a vision suggesting that Tigerheart, instead of saving his Clan, may be the cause of its downfall, the ShadowClan deputy is faced with an impossible decision. He must do what is best for his Clan . . . even if that means leaving them behind forever.

Titre original : Warriors, Super Edition, book 10 : Tigerheart's Shadow (2017)

1 édition pour ce livre

2017 Editions HarperCollins

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 484 pages

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  • Reflets de Lune Le 20 Juin 2018 à 14:54
    Ce livre a réussi à me faire aimer le personnage, on peut compter ça comme du winwin :)

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