The Mammoth Book of Golden Age Science-Fiction

de Isaac Asimov et Collectif (1989)




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During the 1940's, the great names emerged in an eruption of talent. They formed the mould for the next three decades of science fiction and their writing is as fresh today as it was then.

Ross ROCKLYNNE : Time Wants a Skeleton
A.E. VAN VOGT : The Weapons Shop
Lester DEL REY : Nerves
Fredric BROWN : Daymare
Theodore STURGEON : Killdozer!
C.L. MOORE : No Woman Bornd
Isaac ASIMOV : The Big and the Little
T.L. SHERRED : E for Effort
Jack WILLIAMSON : With Folded Hands

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1989 Editions Robinson

Française Langue française | 504 pages

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