Life sentences
Laura Lippman2009




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Past and present, truth and memory collide in this searing novel from the award winning, New York Times bestselling author

A successful memoirist returns home to Baltimore searching for inspiration for her next book. When she discovers an old classmate is accused of a heinous crime, she decides to braid this tragic story with reminiscences of her grade school years. To the writer’s dismay, her friends—motivated by anger, perhaps jealousy—seem determined to sabotage her efforts, leaving her to persevere alone.

As she digs deeper into the tragedy surrounding her old classmate, the writer begins to see that everything she thought she knew about her life might be quite different. And if she wants to pursue the truth in this modern-day story, she may have to pay the price of living with uncomfortable truths, about her father, her past, and herself.

Titre original : Life sentences (2009)

1 édition pour ce livre

2009 Editions HarperCollins

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 392 pages | ISBN : 9781847560933

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