Wolfskin, book 1

de Warren Ellis (2009)




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The only way a nomadic barbarian can survive an onslaught of enemies is by consuming a sacred mushroom and communing with the murder god of his warrior people... an act that may bring about an uncontrollable fury and the slaughter of many innocents.

Before history was recorded in stone and ink, some men wrote it in blood! Tormented by his past deeds on the field of battle, a nomadic warrior wrapped in wolfpelts wanders south from the harsh climes at the top of the world, only to find himself at the center of bloody conflict once more. Stumbling upon a village torn apart by rival tribal leaders, Wolfskin unknowingly rekindles an ancient enmity. Soon, he too is torn -- between duty to the lives he has ruined by his mere presence, and duty to the hideous murder-god of the Northish wastes and the berserker drugs that are his sacrament!

Titre original : Wolfskin, book 1 (2009)

1 édition pour ce livre

2009 Editions Avatar Press

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 120 pages | Sortie : 3 novembre 2009 | ISBN : 9781592910779

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