Sea of Tranquility
Emily St. John Mandel2022




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In 1912, eighteen-year-old Edwin St. Andrew crosses the Atlantic, exiled from English polite society. In British Columbia, he enters the forest, spellbound by the beauty of the Canadian wilderness, and for a split second all is darkness, the notes of a violin echoing unnaturally through the air. The experience shocks him to his core.

Two centuries later Olive Llewelyn, a famous writer, is traveling all over Earth, far away from her home in the second moon colony. Within the text of Olive’s bestselling novel lies a strange passage: a man plays his violin for change in the echoing corridor of an airship terminal as the trees of a forest rise around him.

When Gaspery-Jacques Roberts, a detective in the black-skied Night City, is hired to investigate an anomaly in time, he uncovers a series of lives upended: the exiled son of an aristocrat driven to madness, a writer trapped far from home as a pandemic ravages Earth, and a childhood friend from the Night City who, like Gaspery himself, has glimpsed the chance to do something extraordinary that will disrupt the timeline of the universe.

Titre original : Sea of Tranquility (2022)

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2023 Editions Rivages

Française Langue française | 304 pages | ISBN : 9782743660499

2023 Editions Pan MacMillan

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 258 pages | Sortie : 6 avril 2023 | ISBN : 9781529083514

2022 Editions Picador (Fiction)

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 272 pages | ISBN : 9781529083491

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1 commentaire

  • ElwynNav Le 12 Avril 2022 à 16:17
    Un excellent roman d'une autrice qui n'a plus à faire ses preuves. Le talent et la plume sublime cette intrigue très intéressante !

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