Mary Poppins, édition illustrée
Pamela Lyndon Travers et Julia Sarda Portabella2018




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A stunning, full-color illustrated edition of the classic novel about the magical nanny who has delighted children and adults the world over.
Experience the fantastical adventures of the magical nanny who inspired the classic film, stage show, and young imaginations the world over in a whole new way. This illustrated gift edition features silver foil on the cover and beautiful artwork by Júlia Sardà that re-imagines Mary's London in rich, full color. Ideal for the lifelong Mary Poppins fan or serious collector, this edition also makes for a lovely family read-aloud.

Titre original : Mary Poppins (illustrated gift edition) (2018)

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2018 Editions HMH

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 248 pages | Sortie : 23 octobre 2018 | ISBN : 9781328498847

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