Les fouilles de la peur
Shaun Hutson1988




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From the relics of the past comes a new nightmare. A force so powerful, so obscenely evil that it threatens to reach across the centuries and engulf mankind... An archaeological group excavating a previously undiscovered site find evidence of a once powerful Celtic settlement. But amidst the valuable relics young archaeologist Kim Nichols also discovers horror - a hidden chamber beneath the ground filled with the skulls of children. The chamber holds the key to a devastating secret, a secret which triggers off a series of murders in which the victims are mutilated in the most repulsive manner. It is the responsibility of Inspector Stephen Wallace to discover why. Working together, the policeman and the archaeologist face the horrors which surround the town of Longfield, as they search for the mad killer. But who is to blame for this brutality? The sadistic thug who organises the barbaric sport of dog-fighting? Or the mysterious recluse who holds Black Mass orgies with heroin-addicted teenagers? Or must they confront an evil which stretches back into the mists of time and now threatens to drown the present in a flood-tide of blood? Relics. Something evil is waiting. Something monstrous is loose...

Titre original : Relics (1986)

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1988 Editions Fleuve (Noir - Gore)

Française Langue française | 152 pages | ISBN : 2265038385

1990 Editions Sphere

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 269 pages

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