From All Of Us To All Of You: The Disney Christmas Card
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"One of the nicest things about the holiday season is exchanging greetings with our many friends, for these messages from all over the world represent the true spirit of Christmas in many different ways." --Walt Disney
Imagine how special that greeting might be if sent by none other than Walt Disney! Early in the history of the Walt Disney Studios, annual Christmas themed greeting cards were created, their designs and illustrations by such legendary Disney Studio artists as Tom Wood, Hank Porter, Bob Moore, Mary Blair, John Hench, and Paul Wenzel. Over eight decades, the artists also fashioned annual seasonal art for merchandise and advertisements, and in support of motion pictures, television programs, and the Disney Parks and Resorts.
From All of Us to All of You: The Disney Christmas Card features beloved characters and moments from these rarely seen and seldom-published examples of vintage Disney imagery. Gift-wrapped and sparkling in the spirit of the season, this one-of-a-kind collection of familiar, festive, fun, and feeling holiday art shines a light on a remarkable body of work and the people who created it, all while celebrating that most wonderful time of the year.

Titre original : From All Of Us To All Of You: The Disney Christmas Card (2018)

1 édition pour ce livre

2018 Editions Disney Press

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 144 pages | ISBN : 9781368018715

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  • Kirasran Le 16 Mars 2022 à 22:52
    Ce livre se lit très bien et il est magnifiquement illustrer. Il résume l'histoire des cartes de Noel dans la Walt Disney Compagny et mais en lumière certains des illustrateurs qui ont fait l'histoire de la compagnie. Un très bel ouvrage pour tout les amoureux de Disney et de Noel.

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