The Garden
Tomi Adeyemi2022




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In this dreamlike short story told in alternating prose and verse, number one New York Times bestselling author Tomi Champion-Adeyemi weaves a tale of a young woman’s journey to find her mother and uncover her secrets.

Fifteen years ago, L?ina’s mother, Yuliana, went searching for a mythical place called the Garden and never returned. Determined to learn the truth about what happened, L?ina travels to Brazil to search for the hidden realm, with Yuliana’s journal and a local tour guide leading the way. But L?ina soon begins to wonder if she’s looking for answers—or if what she truly wants to find is herself.

Titre original : The Garden (2022)

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2022 [E-book] Editions Amazon

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 44 pages | Format : ePub | Sortie : 15 novembre 2022 | ISBN : B0BGQ785QX

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