If the Fates Allow
Rainbow Rowell2021




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Social distancing came easily to Reagan. Maybe a little too easily. She’s always liked people better from afar. But Reagan doesn’t want her grandpa to be alone for Christmas this year—he’s already spent too much time on his own in 2020. So she heads back to her hometown with a dish of holiday Jell-O salad, hoping they can have a little normalcy. Hoping it will be safe…

She isn’t expecting to run into the boy next door. Mason is all grown up now. He’s considerate. He’s funny. He doesn’t mind how prickly Reagan is—he maybe even likes it. And it makes Reagan feel like her defenses are falling. She needs her defenses, doesn’t she? In a time when six feet is close enough, how long can they keep their distance?

Titre original : If the Fates Allow (2021)

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2021 [E-book] Editions Amazon

Anglaise Langue anglaise | 38 pages | Format : ePub | Sortie : 18 novembre 2021 | ISBN : 9781542034494

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  • Boxofhappylies Le 19 Février 2022 à 18:09
    Petite nouvelle sympa! On passe toujours un bon moment avec Rainbow Rowell.

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