Captive, tome 1.5
Renée Ahdieh2016

Saga Captive Terminée




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The city of Rey is burning. With smoke billowing, fires blazing and his people fleeing, Khalid races back to defend his city, and protect his queen. But Khalid is too late to do either. He and his men arrive to find the city in ruins, nothing but a maze of destruction, and Shahrzad is gone. But who could have wrought such devastation? Khalid fears he may already know the answer, the price of choosing love over the people of Rey all too evident.

Titre original : The Wrath & the Dawn, book 1.5: The Mirror & the Maze (2016)

1 édition pour ce livre

2016 [E-book] Editions Putnam

Anglaise Langue anglaise | Format : AZW | Sortie : 26 avril 2016

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